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How do I remember this?

Exams start next week and here are some helpful study tips for recalling information: Flashcards Probably one of the easiest ways to recall information is through self-testing through flashcards. You can do this through the use of physical index cards,... Continue Reading →

Online Study Tools

Studying for exams does not need to be boring and involve kilos of paper and index cards. The internet IS your new best study friend, if you know how to resist the temptation of the fun and exciting bits! Check... Continue Reading →

Making a study timetable

You don’t want to be like this the night before your exam…. Use a study timetable to get everything done. Just having study plan isn’t sufficient. In an experiment where students were tested on their maths abilities,the more that students... Continue Reading →

Why do we have exams?

With Year 10 and 11 exams starting next week many students and parents are probably asking the question, “Why do we have exams?” Exams include many of the aspects we want from assessment. What do we want from assessment? Good... Continue Reading →

Winter is coming………

What can students wear to keep warm?

Online Safety: How parents can help

Today our children inhabit an online world. It seems large and complicated and hidden. Trying to monitor this world sometimes seems overwhelming.  We can feel ill-equipped, outnumbered and alone in the quest to ensure our kids are safe in cyber... Continue Reading →

Retrieval Practice and Quizlet. The best way to make learning stick

  How do we retain information that we have learned? Learning is a change in long-term memory. If there is no change in long term memory then no learning has taken place. There have been thousands of scientific studies on... Continue Reading →

The Forgetting Curve and why holiday revision is vital to school success.

How do we overcome the forgetting curve?

Progress Scores can now go over 100

ARCC Score = Progress score + co-curricula points + 0.25 points per ARCC award – Lates – Misconducts – Out of uniforms.

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