Exams start next week and here are some helpful study tips for recalling information:


Probably one of the easiest ways to recall information is through self-testing through flashcards. You can do this through the use of physical index cards, the use of Quizlet (the online game platform where you can create flashcards for whatever you like), and through the use of sticky notes, just to name a few. The advantage of using flashcards is that you can put the information into piles: an unknown pile, a kind- of know pile, and a known pile. When you have practised and know a piece of information you can put it into a know- pile and focus on the words/ equations that you are unsure about or don’t know.


Put your rap/ rhyming skills to use when you study, these are called mnemonic tricks- they are ways to train the brain into remembering information. An example of this could be when you are trying to learn the compass points: Never, Eat, Soggy, Weet-Bix. This helps you by taking the first letter of the compass points and turning them into a funny rhyme that is easy to remember.

Make up Study a story about the content you are learning.

To help your brain absorb bigger chunks of information, make up a story linking together each piece of information you are trying to learn.  This technique has been proven to be effective when trying to recall complicated or detailed information.

Practical experiences to recall information

Reading information alone can take a long time and it doesn’t ensure that your brain will remember anything. If you read the information you are revising, then close your book or your internet browser, then ask yourself a question and try to write as much as you can on that topic.  This practice is especially helpful when trying to remember Maths/ Science equations and for writing in a particular subject area- e.g You might look at an art image then set yourself a writing task like ‘What are the Art Elements and the Principles of Design used in this piece?’, you can then write yourself a paragraph trying to use as many art vocabulary words as possible. This will not only help you to remember the words you are revising, but also practice sample exam questions.

 Study with a Friend

This strategy only works if your friend is also serious about studying and revising information. Studying with a friend can be powerful in that you can quiz each other on information, you can use more than one head to come up with tactics to revise information and to go over information that you have questions about.


These are just some tips for recalling information before exams.  There are a lot of ways to effectively recall information, but you need to think which strategies will work best for your learning style.  Good luck! If you are looking for more study strategies here are a few websites that have some other strategies not mentioned above:




Happy studying.


Kind Regards,

Scott Hasley