It is progress report week at Drouin Secondary College.

That means we are writing progress reports and students need to make sure they are completely up to date.

Teachers will use this rubric to rate student’s classroom progress in the previous 5 weeks of the year.


As you can see progress reports are based on the following.

  • Effort
  • Behavior
  • Organization
  • Homework
  • Task Completion

It is important that everyone understands how the Task Submission part of the report works.

Staff don’t put in a rating for Task Submission.They enter two numbers. One is the number of tasks set and the other is the number of tasks the student has not submitted.

This is converted into a % and the rating is then determined by this %.

100% task submission is Excellent

95% to 99% task submission is Very Good

90% to 94% task submission is Good

85% to 89% task submission is Under Performing

Less than 85% task submission is At Risk

At this stage of the Semester many staff have set less than 10 tasks. This means students who have not submitted one of them will be likely to be rated “At Risk” or “Underperforming”.

It is essential that students are up to date completely for the first report.

Here is how students, (and parents) can check that they are completely up to date.

The front page of Moodle now contains all the completion tracking blocks for each course.

It will look like this.

progress bars.PNG

The system is simple.

Green is good. The task has been completed.

Yellow is OK. The task has been submitted but is waiting for the teacher to grade it.

Red is bad. The task is overdue or is not satisfactory. Something needs to be done about red blocks.

Blue is a task that will be due in the future.

You will also see a list on the right of the screen of upcoming tasks.

This week all students need to eliminate those red squares.

To do this, students just need to click on the red square and the task will open up. Students can then complete the task or go and see their teacher and get more information about what needs to be done.

Students can’t use the excuse “I didn’t know what I had to do.”

We want all students completely up to date before the progress report deadline.

Those who do the work do the learning.