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Helping Students to Complete Work: Expectations, Supports and Where to Find Help

How can parents help students stay organised and up to date?

Time for some holiday gardening: clear those overgrown paths.

Learning is a permanent change is long term memory. If nothing has changed in your long term memory then no learning has taken place. For VCE students the knowledge and skills needed to be successful have to remain in long... Continue Reading →

Mobile Phones at DSC. Parents, what do you think?

There has been much talk in the media on the use of mobile phones in schools. The French Government has passed laws that phones are banned at school for students up to that age of 15. The Victorian Governments seems... Continue Reading →

Give your name value

Everyone can add real value to their name.

Dr Wilkinson - Science Teacher

We have a regular Super Curricular Lecture after school. We try to have one every week, but the day bounces around a little and sometimes a week or two will go by without one; that’s not an ideal but we prioritise the quality of our speakers over the regularity, so the lecture moves around a little.
This week I was delighted to introduce Professor Randy Mrsny of Bath University. He’s an engaging and interesting Californian who researches in the field of epithelial biology. I first met him nearly a decade ago when he gave me some advice on the fellowship I was writing in my old career as a research scientist and he kindly gave me an hour of his time.
I was delighted when he agreed back in the summer to come and speak to the pupils in my school and the fact that the next mutually convenient date…

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Life Lessons from Year 12 Camp

I had the pleasure of accompanying our Year 12 students on their camp last week. On Thursday I was with the VCAL group. We visited Holmesglen TAFE at Moorabbin in the morning. Holmesglen has over 50,000 students. They offer 530... Continue Reading →

Mid Term 2 Progress report week: No red squares, please.

It is Mid Term 2 progress report week at Drouin Secondary College. That means we are writing progress reports and students need to make sure they are completely up to date. Teachers will use this rubric to rate student’s classroom... Continue Reading →

This is me.

Our tribute to the Year 12 Class of 2018.

Video tour of the DSC Parent Portal

A quick video tour of the parent portal of Sentral.

Instant Feedback from the Performance Zone.

  At DSC we provide feedback to students regularly. Feedback is provided in both the Learning Zone and the Performance Zone. The Learning Zone is where students are practicing and honing their skills. We report on the Learning Zone every... Continue Reading →

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