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Year 10 Targeted Intervention

How is Year 10 Assessment Different to Year 7 to 9?

Changes to Assessment and Reporting in 2018 at DSC. This video explains the changes you will see to assessment and reporting at DSC in 2018 If you would just like to watch the slides without the narration they are available here.

Uniform reminder.

School starts on the 30th of January. Please make sure students have the correct shoes. Each year we have someone buy a pair of shoes they think are OK that are actually not uniform. Shoes must be 100% black lace up.... Continue Reading →

Uniform Reminder

Long sleeve white t-shirts are not part of our school uniform. Short sleeve ones under your school shirt are OK but not long sleeved ones like this. Students will be marked out of uniform if they are wearing these. A... Continue Reading →

Kindness Week at Drouin Secondary College 2017

Today is World Mental Health Awareness Day. In recognition of this, this whole week we have had a focus on Mental Health at Drouin Secondary College.   I didn’t want to call the week “Mental Health” week - though in... Continue Reading →

What does Excellent Classroom Progress Look Like

Progress reports are being written this week. Here is what the rubric defines as Excellent Classroom Progress at Drouin Secondary College Effort - The students is almost always motivated to work at a very high level. Puts an exemplary amount of effort... Continue Reading →

How to be a successful or unsuccessful learner at Drouin Secondary College

Six essentials for successful learning.

Handling Stress at Exam Time

Reference - If you have ever looked at a test or exam paper and thought “I know that I know this but I can't remember anything”. If you have stayed awake in the middle of the night worrying about... Continue Reading →

Don’t be a cramming Nora. Get spaced out.

  Read more about how to space your study to maximize learning here.   

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